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Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 - Cupra
2020 Cupra Ateca Colors & Configurations

Get in-depth expert information for the 2020 Cupra Ateca SUV including Redesign, Specs, Release Date, Price, Interior, MPG & More. Since the world now swears by SUVs, even reasonably accessible family sportswomen become high-legged models. Will conventional IWMs survive this pandemic phenomenon?

A Seat? But no, finally, a Cupra! Yes you know, this famous new brand celebrated by Seat a few months ago that deliberately eyeing the premium. Or rather, if one decrypts the official speech a bit ambiguous, a sign with tariff positioning higher than that of Seat but lower than those of Audi. Volkswagen, then? Not quite according to the communicators Spanish, who promise cars to the sporting vocation and to the different image.

Aesthetically, the 2020 Cupra Ateca remains identical to Seat SUV with a few details: its grille sports the funny tribal patch associated with the brand Cupra, a brand that must offer a full range of distinct vehicles within a few years. It forces itself to display a resolutely aggressive style, especially if you opt for the most eye-catching combinations of the catalog (for example with bronze-colored wheels that would not dare to wear a Porsche GT3 RS owner).

The interior does not upset anything compared to the Seat Ateca. Not particularly warm but properly finished and well equipped, it presents a new small wheel to vary the driving modes by playing on the direction, the mapping of the powertrain and the damping law. This family SUV sports pretensions actually takes the engine and the all – wheel drive that we know well in the powerful compact of the Volkswagen group such as Golf R, Leon Cupra 4Drive or Audi S3.

2020 Cupra Ateca Performance – Effective despite everything

As expected, the Cupra Ateca is unable to match the truly muscular performance of a Leon Cupra in its optimal configuration. The opposite would have been absolutely inconceivable from a large, high-pitched shoe box weighing 260 kg more. However, the efficiency shown by this remarkably balanced big baby has almost shaken our certainty about the aberration and hatred of SUVs (which we must cultivate to claim to be part of the true purists). In Performance mode, the Cupra really does not mind playing sports models. The machine seems even more communicative than the Leon Cupra ST four-wheel drive, which suffered from a dynamic behavior annoying compared to that of the traction versions.

2020 Cupra Ateca Interior Features

Agile to the inscription, supple but solid on its supports, the 2020 Cupra Ateca mobilizes a minimum its stern when it needs and develops a level of remarkable general grip. He has a front train well-hooked bitumen, probably helped by his Pirelli P-Zero developed to measure. With a reasonably playful engine sound and acceleration abilities that are not really ridiculous, all that’s missing is a more responsive DSG gearbox (and why not an all-wheel drive to the more playful settings) to really get your foot in this marketing compromise of all kinds. On the short special stage of a closed road somewhere near Barcelona, the SUV can even reach an absolutely terrifying pace from the passenger seat next to a colleague motivated to the seriously keen steering wheel.

2020 Cupra Ateca Review – Verdict

Against all odds, the 2020 Cupra Ateca can be interesting to drive if you want to whip your nice family SUV on the road. At € 43,150, it costs € 2,500 less than a Golf R with basic equipment already plethoric. A Seat Leon Cupra five doors (290 hp) almost as well equipped, more efficient and especially fun to ride costs 5000 € less. Fans of true sports will not be deceived, but the Ateca Cupra finally has good arguments to seduce the drivers of SUV the least asleep at the wheel. It also arises in absolute reference of the genre pending the arrival of the smaller Audi SQ2, the Peugeot 3008 hybrid4 or a hypothetical BMW X1 more powerful. Will sports SUVs end up chasing the real GTI?

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