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Saturday, February 15th, 2020 - Ford
2020 Ford Kuga Price in UK

The cornerstone of Ford’s relaunch in Europe, the 2020 Ford Kuga is trying to score points on all fronts. More connected, more family friendly, and more fuel efficient.

The Ford Kuga arrives at its third generation in Europe, the second as a global model of Ford. Because it will always be similar to the Ford Escape sold in North America. Its production will be divided between Valencia (Spain) and Louisville (Kentucky – USA). Then of course China. And as often at Ford, the time will be quite long between its presentation and its availability in concession. It will only happen in early 2020.


Style, the newcomer is in line with the Fiesta and Focus, with more flexible lines (soft?) And a personality for the least erased. It is also characterized by its front face rounded muzzle, with its optics perched and its lower grille. Rather at odds with the trend of SUV increasingly assertive, hungry and muscular. It nevertheless grew with its 4m58 (+8.9 cm) long and 1m88 (+4.4 cm) wide.

2020 Ford Kuga Interior

Inside, the furniture is close enough to that of the Focus, so with the same revolution: fewer buttons, a more streamlined board, and a screen out of his cave. A touch of modernity bonus (a good or a bad according to the opinions of everyone), the instrumentation gives way (depending on version) to a screen of 12.3 inches. This plus a head-up display. These displays come with full connectivity in 4G and embedded WiFi access point. FordPass application will interact with the vehicle from its smartphone (depending on the country, lock, start, activation of heating or air conditioning ..).

The Ford Kuga is also more family-friendly with better rear seat space and a sliding bench seat. This is timely when the C-Max leaves the scene. No version 7 places in the program for the moment, however.

2020 Ford Kuga Release Date & Price

2020 Ford Kuga Engine Specs

This 2020 Ford Kuga was unveiled at a major event on the electrification of the Ford range. This is because it only carries four types of engines: gasoline (Ecoboost) or diesel (EcoBlue 120 to 190 hp) without electrification, light hybridization, complete hybridization, and rechargeable hybridization.

The light hybridization is based on the principle announced on Fiesta and Focus, a belt-driven alternator-starter, operating on a 48V voltage and associated with a lithium-ion battery. It will be offered on the diesel 2.0 Ecoblue 150 hp, given for 132 g / km of CO2 (WLTP).

The hybridization “heavy” combines a 4-cylinder 2.5 atmospheric in Atkinson cycle, an electric motor, and a transmission-type e-CVT. This engine will arrive in the second half of 2020, with an approval estimated at 130 g / km for its CO2 emissions.

Before that, the 2020 Ford Kuga will have already taken advantage of the rechargeable hybrid, taking the same mechanics as the hybrid, but with a larger battery ( 14.4 kWh ), and as its name suggests a plug for recharging. It announces 225 hp, and the ability to travel up to 50 km in electric mode. It will be certified at 29 g / km of CO2 and will count for a lot in achieving Ford’s “CAFE” targets in Europe.

No big surprise for driving aids, since the Kuga essentially takes the content of the Focus, a so-called level 2 autonomous driving (association of the Stop & Go adaptive cruise control with centering in the taxiway), a fully automated parking (steering wheel, brake, accelerator) and a detection of situations presenting a risk of collision with emergency braking both in forward and reverse, in intersections with detection of pedestrians and cyclists.


2020 Ford Kuga seems to make a good synthesis of what is expected of a family crossover in the early 2020s: connectivity, driving aids, modularity, electrification. All boxes are checked, or almost. He seems to have forgotten to check the one called “personality”.

2020 Ford Kuga Redesign, Specs, Release Date | New Compact Hybrid Pictures

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