2020 KIA e-Niro Review: 455km Autonomy & 204 Horsepower

Saturday, February 16th, 2019 - Kia

2020 Kia e-Niro Price in Australia

2020 KIA e-Niro Review | In the turning point that will see electric cars multiply or not, Kia comes to bring a new proposal with the 2020 KIA e-Niro. It promises us the benefits of a family SUV, including a comfortable autonomy. What about driving pleasure? The roads of the hinterland of Cannes have served us as a playground.

2020 KIA e-Niro Exterior

What we said about the style of Niro, applies to its electric declination. The closed grille and small touches of blue enough to make the difference. It will easily blend into the traffic and seems to leave behind the idea of loudly claiming its transmission emitting no emission.

Besides, this is true in real life. The Quidam seems to question the legitimacy of our car parked on a place reserved for electric vehicles, the time of a photo. Incidentally, beyond the joke about her name, which she shares with the American actor, Kia actually offered her services for commercials. Notice to Clio and others, watch your phone, you never know.

2020 KIA e-Niro Interior

On board, here to we do not have much to add compared to its hybrid version. Logically, first of all, there are some specificities, in particular, the selector of the automatic transmission, a little difficult to understand at the beginning. As for the screen, it displays consumption diagrams, and specific energy flows.

In terms of equipment, it recovers including what becomes a standard, the easy connectivity of the iPhone and other Android phones. We are not going to lie, question atmosphere on board, we saw sometimes a little less austere. Its big highlight for families: its very large space on board for the passengers at the front and the back, and a chest with a comfortable capacity.

2020 Kia e-Niro Release Date and Price

Solid autonomy

Two areas of particular interest to us are driving independence and driving pleasure. For the first city, the figure advanced by the mark of 455 km impresses. It can even cheerfully exceed this figure for those who would use exclusively urban. For our part, we were rather looking for the figure “floor” if we can say. Thus, we put ourselves in the most unfavorable conditions possible.

On the reality of our course of about 60 km pretty well passed through the massive Esterel, with all the equipment activated and driving without reserve, the autonomy was amputated not even 100 km. It can be expected over 300 km insured once the battery full, whatever happens. The question of autonomy in everyday life is therefore clearly no problem. We can spend the week worrying about it.


In addition, driving against all odds, we have fun! The generous power and the sport mode offer us cannons and raise that have nothing to envy to a compact of 200 hp. The pounds well placed in the car (1,737!) Do not really affect the behavior. The comfort of a good level does not worry too much. We sail at a much higher level than a Leaf or a less powerful Zoe that said.

And for these sensations and benefits, no need to look to the inaccessible Tesla to exceed 200 km. From 36,500 € bonus deducted! You can search, the competition does not exist for the moment. Here may be the first electric alternative for versatile use.

2020 KIA e-Niro Charging Time

On the side of charging times, they range from 40 minutes to reach 80%, to more than 24 hours with a flat battery, which does not arrive a priori. Indeed, just like for thermal vehicles, it is rarely expected to dry out before refueling. The benefits of the e-Niro place in the top of the basket, but its success is conditioned by the territories, the mesh of the means of recharge.

2020 KIA e-Niro Review: 455km Autonomy & 204 Horsepower Pictures

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