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2020 Ram 1500 Hellcat Interior Features

This 2020 RAM 1500 is somehow a cowboy who would have integrated into modern life. Although he still smokes a lot and cannot be discreet in society. But he added the good manners of everyday life to his many talents.

It’s a piece of America that we are trying today. And even a famous piece since with its 6 meters long, 2 wide and 2.5 tons on the scale, the RAM 1500 does not go unnoticed! But once his dimensions tamed, the colossus makes good arguments to convince fans of the genre.

I do not know you, but me the only sight of a 1500 RAM is enough to awaken the desires of big spaces, the images of cowboys and Saloon and the melodies of Hank Williams or Johnny Cash buried deep in my mind. All this is a little cliché, but try not to think about it … and you will think of it all the more. So no more false modesty, let’s style our Stetson, and take the wheel of this modern-day Cowboy for a trial.

Think about it: every year, he fights feverishly for second place in his home market with the Chevrolet Silverado behind the untouchable Ford F-150. We are talking here about colossal volumes: 536,980 copies last year in the United States alone ! There, the “trucks” are kings!

It remains obviously much less omnipresent on our roads … without however being really rare there. And for good reason: taking advantage of the leniency of the tax on them since considered as light utilities, the RAM attracts every year more buyers eager to afford their share of exoticism. But for the undecided, it will be quick: hardening of the rules is expected next year, and these double-cab pickups will, therefore, be subject to the ecological penalty. And from the top of its 352 gr/km of CO2, the RAM will automatically receive the maximum penalty. Will this be enough to discourage customers willing to spend more than 60,000 euros at least to live their dream, and assume a consumption that is absolutely not reasonable? Maybe not.

2020 RAM 1500 Hybrid Engine Specs & All Trims

Now that we have tackled the topics that are angry, let’s move on to what’s good. And clearly, if like me you have an attraction not repressed for pick-up, the reasons to be enthusiastic do not miss! The first is hidden under the imposing hood which, with its embossed lettering “1500 HEMI” announces the color. It houses a 5.7l HEMI V8 of 401 horsepower, arguably one of the latest “unreasonable” V8s in automotive production. Gross, without supercharging, with a reputation for solidity foolproof, this block not only fits perfectly to the image of “hard” RAM but helped to forge this reputation.

And what happiness when he snorts in the early morning, still numb by the freshness of the night. The gurgling of unleaded flowing in his bowels then resonates like a major musical work in the ears of any “petrolhead”. When allowed to go up the scales ticking the right pedal, this “big block” gratifies us with his finest vocals while we kick a good kick to the buttocks. The 0 to 100 km / h is reached in less than 7 seconds. If you refer to the weight of the machine indicated above, you will agree that it is pretty good.

In traffic, however, we often evolve on a net of gas, taking advantage of the 556 Nm of torque elbow to the door. The surprisingly quiet cabin gives all its luxury to its occupants. And his “luxury” is not an abuse of language. While the leather is not as fine as a Mercedes X-Class, but it is present. As well as the seats with multiple settings all electric, ventilated and heated – just like the steering wheel – what is more! Add the bizonic automatic air conditioning, thick plastics (almost) everywhere, a panoramic sunroof, and an assembly that is not afraid of criticism, and you get an interior unmatched in European models. And we do not even talk about space, whether it’s the central armrest as wide as a seat,

This 2020 RAM 1500 has also been the subject of many attentions in terms of comfort. Optional or standard on the most upscale finishes, it receives a 12-inch vertical screen to drive the multimedia system Fiat Uconnect, which was not available on our test model. On the other hand, we took advantage of the new air suspension. It provides an absolutely fabulous touch of the road, again without equivalence in the pickup segment. Not only on the road but especially outside where we play tricks without even flinching. It also offers four levels of ground clearance (access, aero, normal and off-road) that can be up to 57.4 cm.

So of course, the 2020 RAM 1500 so trim goes absolutely everywhere, even if its dimensions do not make it more agile in the undergrowth. Two-wheel drive in normal driving, the “truck” automatically transfers a portion of the torque to the front wheels in case of need. An operation that can also be done manually, and reinforced with a range of short speeds and a differential lock for really hard terrain. So it’s hard to catch the American in default … even if the 22-inch wheels with narrow-shoulder tires will not be the best choice for this kind of tramping.

And that’s not all: the RAM 1500 is specially designed to give pride of place to the Ranch or, more pragmatically to us, to building contractors and green spaces. In addition to a bucket that can support nearly 1,000 kilos like its European counterparts, the RAM can tow 3,5 tons without fatigue. Limited value to comply with our legislation, but approaching the 5T in his home America.

It should be noted that a major effort was made on safety for this new model. The 2020 RAM 1500 carries not less than 100 kg of active and passive safety systems among which the now unavoidable emergency braking aid, but also the cruise control with stop & go and monitoring of the rear cross traffic. The driver can also count on the reversing camera, which is very useful during parking maneuvers. A maneuver that will require not only a little dexterity but also certain patience to find the (or) location (s) that will accept to accommodate his build, let’s admit it poorly adapted to our European infrastructures. It also contributes in some ways to the charm and exclusivity of this pickup, far from being the Yankee boorish that some want to portray!


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