2020 Tesla Model Y: Specs, Platform, Price, Release Date

Friday, January 24th, 2020 - Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Specs

After the S, the X, the 3, here is the Y for a Tesla S3XY range. Medium size SUV (in the USA), the 2020 Model Y is positioned as a Model 3 with more minivan spirit.

The 2020 Model Y is able to carry 7 adults (optional), while retaining according to Tesla sufficient volume for luggage. Obviously, it is an electric vehicle and it is intended, like Model 3, to “democratize” Tesla vehicles. The advertised base price is $ 39,000, which is $ 4,000 more than Model 3.

Aesthetically, it is a Model 3 whose central part would have been blown to inflate and give more interior space. To accentuate the interior volume effect, it is even available with a huge panoramic roof. The back is reworked as Tesla Model X.

But here, no useless stuff like the gullwing wings back of the Model X. Note anyway flush handles (but not electric as on the Model S). The car is obviously connected. You can unlock it from your phone, locate it, preheat it, set a speed limiter, and more. Inside, it’s sobla , sober, dominated by the huge 15-inch tablet (landscape position) that sits in the center.

2020 Model Y Price

The autonomy of the basic version is announced 370 km against 480 for the “long range” model. Because as usual, if the base price should be $ 39,000, it will climb very fast depending on the range, long distance, dual-motor 4 × 4, Performance. Even in its entry-level version, the performance of 2020 Tesla Model Y promises to be very good (about 6 seconds for the 0 to 100 km / h, 3.5 for the Performance model).

2020 Tesla Model Y Price in USA

Volume side, rear seats folded, it can climb to 1.9 m3. It must be said that the car should be within 4.70 m. Okay, let’s get to the “bad” news. The Model Y is already available to order, but deliveries will only happen in the fall … 2020! And as for the Model 3, the high versions will be delivered first, the models of 47,000 to 60,000 dollars, before reductions, except option. The $ 39,000 version is only announced for the spring of 2021. In 2 years!

In the meantime, you can already set up your Tesla model Y. There are only 5 colors available (including 4 optional up to $ 2,500) and two interior moods (including the white at $ 1,000). As for the Autopilot, count from $ 3 to $ 5,000 depending on whether you take the “simple” version or the one able to park the car alone, to drive in town, etc.

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